spencer antle

designing clothes, shooting film, or crafting stories.

it's all part of living and being true to a lifestyle.


Spencer Antle was an award-winning television commercial director in Venice Beach, California before moving to South Beach in Florida and starting Island Company. Island Company is now one of the top resort clothing brands in the tropics and Spencer is Island Company's Creative Director, head clothing designer, and is responsible for all its content, photographs, and media.

Island Company is sold in the top resorts in the US and Caribbean and Spencer is actively taking on more projects in the media realm. Television projects, feature films, an Island Company magazine and music albums are all in the works.

Island Company has 6 retail stores of their own in Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Palm Beach, Naples, Nassau, and the Cayman Islands.

Spencer still takes on select occasional projects outside of Island Company on both a consultancy basis and as a director, or photographer.

Raised in Hawaii, England, and Boston, he currently splits his time between West Palm Beach and the Caribbean.